The Journey

Your Journey Begins with a Single Step

For most of us taking that first step is the hardest thing to do. As I sat here twiddling my thumbs over what to write in this blog post I realize that by just writing something is better then writing nothing.

Earmuffs may help The Journey

Go ahead bark all day.

Now I,m on a roll or am I? The Journey has just come upon a road block. All I can hear is the dog next door that has been barking all morning. how am I supposed to concentrate with that external noise.

Come on, get over it, move on, take action.

That is it, did you miss it? The most important line of text you will ever read. I will break it down. Concentrate, ignore the noise, here it is again.

  • Come on.
  • Get over it.
  • Move on.
  • Take action.

When you decide to take the journey to creating wealth you will find yourself acting as a magnet to all external noise. This is the perfect time to bring out the big gun line I just mentioned. Lets go over the condensed broken down version.

Come On.

Noise, it is defining not deafening. The journey is about moving forward and defining who you are, who you want to be, how you want to live. So come on take a hold of your life, ignore the noise. We are in charge of our own destiny. Remember that this is a single step to the big picture.

Get Over It.

We all have them, road blocks that is. Take a look at the journey of the people who you consider to already hold the wealth, the success, the life you dream of having. All of these people, it does not matter who it is, have had the measure to take the next step and step over the road block. OK you have to lift your foot a bit higher but when you hit terra firma again you realize that the road block was not that high after all.

Move On.

This is the fun bit of the journey. Educate yourself. Fun, how can this be fun? It is fun because it is the path you have chosen, the path that interests you, the path to creating wealth. Stop for a minute and think about this. Who do you know that ever just walked into wealth, enjoyed it and held onto it without knowing a little about how to grow and control it?

Follow the leader, educate yourself. Choose to be informed as the benefits far outweigh the pain. Ask questions, enjoy the ride. Lift your other foot and place it down into the pool of knowledge that is available. Move on.

Take Action.

In the movies we hear “lights, camera, action”. What would happen if the the actor did not react. Nothing happened, money, time, skills would all be disappearing into the void of space. There would be no completed scene, no entertainment value, no wealth creation. The Journey would stop.

Complete this step and your life will change. Take action. You have the knowledge to start, you know the road block is not that high, you have shut out the noise.

Take the journey, it is a ride worth experiencing.

Four Steps to Creating Wealth

One Step at a Time

Craig Hiscox  ©2011